Jerrika Karlae & Mariah The Scientist Beefing Over Young Thug #YoungThug

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Jerrika Karlae & Mariah The Scientist Beefing Over Young Thug #YoungThug

Although we're uncertain, it appears that singer Mariah the Scientist and Jerrika Karla are arguing over their connection to Young Thug.

Young Thug is currently behind bars but it appears that two women he was romantically linked with in times past have some issues with one another. Singer Mariah the Scientist posted a tweet that didnt reference anyone by name but a fan seemingly invited Young Thugs ex-girlfriend Jerrika Karlae to the mix and its been off to the races since. We understand that Young Thug and Jerrika Karlae dated for years and were even slated to get married before breaking things off. However, were not sure how to frame the extent of Mariah the Scientists relationship with the Young Stoner Life honcho. Source: Prince Williams / Getty This particular dustup occurred on Dec. 1 when Mariah tweeted, Imagine fronting on someone who showed u love from the start for someone more popular or more aesthetically pleasing. A fan responded, young thug left karlae to be with you so youre basically subbing yourself?? to which Mariah responded with, What do yall be talking about? When I met thug I was less popular than his ex She always been attractive/aesthetically pleasing. Why u trying to equate moving on to fronting on somebody? Sick in the head. Again, this doesnt really clear up anything at all but the Twitter detectives with nothing else to do on this fine Saturday starting putting things together based on what they think they know. Some Twitter users are looking around for details and Jerrika Karlae herself put out an Instagram story explaining that she and Mariah actually spoke about the situation but it doesnt seem like the conversation inspired them to become besties. Source: Prince Williams / Getty This past September, Thugger sent a birthday balloon package to Mariah the Scientist but from the looks of things, that union is apparently in the rearview. As it stands, it appears that Jerrika Karlae still maintains a friendship with Young Thug but again, were largely speculating like everyone else. Check out the reactions below.

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