JAY-Z Invited EST Gee To The Studio With Anti-Ghostwriter Memo

hiphopdx July 22, 2021 EST Gee 55
JAY-Z Invited EST Gee To The Studio With Anti-Ghostwriter Memo

EST Gee broke down a phone call with JAY-Z that included an invite to the Super Bowl and a studio session with some rules in place.

Complex about his phone calls with Hov and how he cracked jokes about ghostwriters not being allowed inside their studio session. JAY-Z a street n-gga, he just got a billion, he said. He just on some cool shit, but he aint on no weird shit. JAY-Z aint weird at all. And Ive done met some rappers who be weird bruh, and they supposed to be more younger, gangsta, whatever. You know, JAY-Z kinda old, he been in rap for a long time and he aint weird. Hes a regular n-gga, you feel me? EST Gee continued, He gon shoot a joke at you and everything. He told me, Let me bring you down to the Super Bowl with me so we can kick it, man. Hes like, We get in the studio, make sure you dont bring your ghostwriter with you. Im like, Damn. Hes like, Yeah man, they told you have somebody write that shit for you. He was dead serious about it. Thats how I know hes a street n-gga who made it down to the big level. EST Gee on Phone Calls with Jay-Z | @Complex Read more

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