Iggy Azalea Reveals Strangest OnlyFans Requests #IggyAzalea

rap-up February 23, 2023 Iggy Azalea 29
Iggy Azalea Reveals Strangest OnlyFans Requests #IggyAzalea

She was paid $600 to fulfill one creepy ask.

/02.23.2023 Iggy Azalea is making some creepy OnlyFans wishes come true. The Aussie rapper appeared on Bravos Watch What Happens Live on Wednesday where she revealed some of the bizarre asks she has received from her subscribers since joining the adult content subscription service. While playing a game of Truth or Touch Up, host Andy Cohen asked her to share the oddest ask one of her OnlyFans subscribers has requested. Men pay me to tell them that theyre pieces of shit, revealed Iggy, while admitting that she doesnt mind granting the kinky requests. I actually love it. One subscriber paid her $600 to send a voice note that asked her to insult him while denying him sex, while others have paid hundreds of dollars just to hear her degrade them. Last month, Iggy launched her official OnlyFans page where she has been sharing uncensored content as part of her Hotter Than Hell mixed media project. She has not revealed her earnings, but she did shut down a claim that she made over $300,000 in the first 24 hours. I wont share what I make on OF, in the same way I didnt share what I earned selling my music catalog, she said. Amounts being reported dont come from a valid source. During the WWHL segment, she was also asked if Nicki Minaj or Cardi B is a better rapper, but she refused to answer. I just dont want to start drama. I have an opinion, said Iggy. Earlier this week, Iggy opened up about her breakup with her ex Playboi Carti. We had a volatile relationship and you know that, youre not an idiot. You know when somethings not working, she told Emily Ratajkowskis High Low with EmRata podcast. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE Read more

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