Ice-T Explains Refusing To Give Opinion On Kanye West #KanyeWest

hotnewhiphop November 21, 2022 Kanye West 9
Ice-T Explains Refusing To Give Opinion On Kanye West #KanyeWest

Not everyone wants to add their voice to the conversations about Kanye West, including Ice-T who would rather mind his business.

Link Copied to Clipboard! Share this page The Rap icon believes in keeping his thoughts to himself and not offering opinions that could slander someone. Although it seems as if celebrities from all walks of the industry have something to say about Kanye West, Ice-T isnt trying to arouse drama. The California icon often chimes in with his political takes or commentary about Hip Hop. However, West is a sensitive subject, and his peers do their best to tread with care. The world has watched in recent months as West has in real-time. For years, the Donda stars controversial comments place him center stage. Yet, allegations of anti-Semitism and adoration of Adolf Hitler dissolved lucrative partnerships. (Photo by Frank Micelotta/Getty Images) Read More: Kanye West Causes Mayhem At ComplexCon, Crowd Goes Wild We will soon usher in a new era of Kanye West antics now that he has confirmed his bid for president in the 2024 U.S. election. In a recent interview with AllHipHop, Ice-T was asked to give his opinion on the backlash against West. I dont really have any opinion, and I dont want to be somebody trying to slander somebody, he said. Thats not fly. Right now, people want just come out and say sh*t. I mean, whatever my view, I like to keep that in private. Its not gangster to come out and talk about somebody like that. Ice-T added that West may be an example of having the power of free speech but needing to watch what you say. He added, So, when you say something, you have to be prepared for the ramifications of what you say, and apparently he is. Ya'll better pray for Kanye because he's out here confirming everything the illuminati conspiracy theorists have said for years about music industry sacrifices. Dame Dash Says Its Painful To Watch Kanyes Recent Behavior If this is how you feel dont say nothing that you dont mean. If you dont mean it then youre not going to be ready to back that sh*t up when they ask you about it. So, dont just say something radical just to get the likes. When they push you in the corner, if they say, Well, Ice-T, why you call them a b*tch? Im going to say because she was a b*tch and Im going to tell you why. Im not talking about your mother. Im not talking about your sister. I mean, not talking about you. Im talking about this b*tch right here. Youre a girl, you got a friend whos a b*tch, you got a friend a hoe, too. Addtionally, Ice-T stated if he were in Wests position, he would want people to simply say move different. That way, no one is being corny or creating animosity where it shouldnt be. [ Read more

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