Gucci Mane Accused Of Stiffing Big Scarr's Family Over Funeral #GucciMane

hiphopdx January 09, 2023 Gucci Mane 18
Gucci Mane Accused Of Stiffing Big Scarr's Family Over Funeral #GucciMane

Gucci Mane has been accused of stiffing Big Scarr's family over the funeral costs for the late rapper and demanding Scarr's 1017 chains back.

Gucci Mane has been accused of stiffing Big Scarrs family over the funeral costs for the late rapper. Scarr, who was signed to Guccis New 1017 Records label, passed away at the tender age of 22 on December 22. It was later reported he accidentally overdosed on prescription pills at his girlfriends house in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. In an Instagram Live broadcast over the weekend, Scarrs close friend and collaborator Quezz Ruthless put Guwop on blast for allegedly promising to pay for his former signees funeral, before ghosting his family when it was time to deliver. You say to them you finna pay for the funeral, then you lie, Quezz said. You didnt have to lie! You aint have to go ghost either, cuh. It was gonna get paid for either way. You couldve just said you aint have the money. You dont get no type of respect for that, cuh. He added: The minute that them folks called yo phone to see if you gon pay for the funeral, you blocked them. Thats not real, cuh. You aint straight. You only trying to act all real. You posted Scarr talking bout some long live bruh, you aint do nothing, cuh. When they texted you and asked you about Scarrs funeral, cuh, you told them folks that Keyshias birthday coming up. Man, yall rich! Yall can celebrate her birthday any day. Come on now, cuh. December 1, 2022 Them chains, ours. Everything that we got, ours. You not getting it back, boyTexting bout you want the chains; come get em then. Please come try to grab them. Scarrs sister, Alexandra Woods, also called out Gucci Mane for allegedly failing to keep his funeral promise and requesting the return of Scarrs jewelry. OMM he not getting them chains back!! she wrote on social media. YES He asked for the chains back & NO he not getting them hos back!! My brother earned ts my brother mean everything to us and for him to do him like that is low down Af!!! He said he couldnt pay for the funeral because his wife birthday coming up n-gga you a millionaire Gucci a B I T C H!!! Gotta get in back in blood!!!! Gucci Mane allegedly asked Big Scarrs family for his own chains back and said he could no longer pay for the funeral after previously promising to. Read more

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