GloRilla & Finesse2tymes Facing Lawsuit Over Concert Stampede #GloRilla

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GloRilla & Finesse2tymes Facing Lawsuit Over Concert Stampede #GloRilla

The Family of one of the victims plan to sue GloRilla and Finesse2tymes for the death of their family member at their concert.

CLOSE Source: Jeff Kravitz / Getty Last weekend tragedy struck a GloRilla and Finess2tymes concert when a stampede ensued after the show that resulted in nine people being injured and three people losing their lives. Now the family of one of the deceased is preparing a lawsuit against both GloRilla and Finess2tymes. She alleges that the death of their loved one was completely avoidable under the circumstances. According to TMZ, the family of Brandy Miller has lawyered up and her sister Michelle tells them that theyll be filing a lawsuit against both artists, promoters of the Rochester show and Main Street Armory. Michelle says her fam is in the process of retaining an attorney theyve spoken to several since Brandy was pronounced dead on Monday, and aim to retain someone whos high profile because the family has no plans to back down. It isnt clear exactly why the stampede broke out. But rumors swirled that a gun mightve went off in the crowd which caused panic amongst attendees that led to the tragic incident. Though both GloRilla and Finesse had left the premises when the chaos erupted, the Miller family wants them and everyone else involved in putting the show together to be held accountable for Brandys passing. Something that Finesse apparently didnt think was in the cards. When TMZ Hip Hop got Finesse in NYC this week, he scoffed at the idea he might be blamed, and flat-out told us he wasnt worried about potential lawsuits. The Millers believe Brandys death could have been prevented. They say her brother was at the concert too, watching from a different area and, from what he saw, the show was total pandemonium from the very beginning.Though both GloRilla and Finesse are about to be sued for the events that unfolded at the Rochester concert, neither artist is under criminal investigation at the time for the incident.What do yall think? Should Glo and Finesse have to pay up for what went down at their show? Let us know in the comments section below. RELATED TAGS Read more

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