Fat Joe Was Blocked From Biggie & 2Pac Cypher By Big Daddy Kane #2Pac

hiphopdx May 05, 2023 2Pac 17
Fat Joe Was Blocked From Biggie & 2Pac Cypher By Big Daddy Kane #2Pac

Fat Joe almost rapped alongside Biggie and 2Pac in one of Hip Hops most legendary cyphers if it wasnt for Big Daddy Kane intervening.

Fat Joe almost rapped alongside Biggieand 2Pacin one of Hip Hops most legendary cyphers if it wasnt for Big Daddy Kaneintervening. The Terror Squad rapper recalled the story during an interview with Angie Martinez for Warner Music Groups Iconic Records podcast series the first season of which explores The Notorious B.I.G.s second and final album Life After Death . The famed freestyle took place at the 1993 Budweiser Superfest at New York Citys Madison Square Garden, which was headlined by Big Daddy Kane. I was in the front row and all of a sudden, you see the whole crowd turn back looking at the entrance, like the tunnel, and it was Pac and Big and this was Juice Pac, Joe remembered. The whole crowds like, Ahhh! They couldnt believe it was Pac and Big. While they were walking, they see me. Pac is like, Yo, come on, Crack! So I go with them and we go up on stage. I thin Shyheim the Rugged Child from Wu-Tang was there too. We went up stage and they start that cypher, that, I got 10 MAC-11s, about eight .38s, nine 9s. Fat Joe admitted that he was nervous as hell about the prospect of rapping with Biggie and Pac as he didnt have any rhymes prepared, but was denied the opportunity as Big Daddy Kane was forced to stop the cypher due to time restraints on his set. You want to talk about standing next to somebody, I was on fucking stage with Biggie and Pac! nervous as hell because all I had was Flow Joe, I aint have no bars ready, fucking nothing, he continued. They passed me the mic. Yo, Fat Joe! Then Big Daddy Kane interrupted and goes, Yo, yo, we aint go no time Its ok, Big Daddy Kane, I love you. He added: Big Daddy Kane might have saved me cause I wouldve did some bullshit. The Juice Crew legend shared his own recollection of the cypher during a 2018 appearance on N.O.R.E. and DJ EFNs Drink Champs , saying that if he wouldve had more time left on his set, Fat Joe wouldve been part of the historic moment as well. Joe was next up to rhyme when they gave me the wrap it up, like, You got five minutes. So I wasnt even able to bring Joe on, but Joe was standing with the mic ready, Kane said. If I wouldve had five more minutes, he wouldve been on there, real talk.

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