EXCLUSIVE: Ice Cube War With Robinhood

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EXCLUSIVE: Ice Cube War With Robinhood

Ice Cube may have lost a battle in his war with financial services company Robinhood, but the rap star is ready to fight the company...again!

Ice Cube may have lost a battle in his war with financial services company Robinhood, but the rap star is ready to fight the companyagain! Rap star Ice Cube is attempting to slay Robinhood again. Cube has been battling with the financial services company for misappropriating his image in an email newsletter back in March of 2021. The rapper/movie mogul sued Robinhood for using his image and flipping his popular catchphrase Check Yo Self, Before You Wreck Yo Self in the newsletter. The rap star took issue with the image, which was taken from the movie Are We There Yet? along with Robinhoods attempt at humor in a newsletter. The picture was captioned correct yourself before you wreck yourself. Ice Cube said Robinhood was creating the false impression that he endorsed the companys financial services, and therefore, he should be compensated. However, the judge gave the rapper 21 days to refile his lawsuit, and he is done just that. Ice Cube Re-Files Amended Complaint Against Robinhood Cube, born OShea Jackson, filed his amended complaint earlier this week. Robinhood is an unscrupulous and predatory conglomeratethat professes to be a financial services company for the everyday person, Ice Cubes lawyer Michael A. Taitelman snarled. In truth, Robinhood is a wolf in sheeps clothing. It is the archetypal example of an amoral corporation that places profits over people. In the new complaint, Taitelman labeled trashed the companys CEO, branding him Vlad the Stock Impaler Tenev. Taitelman explained how Robinhoods actions fooled over 32 million who visited the website or saw the email into thinking he was associated with the company. intended to profit by confusing consumers concerning Ice Cubes endorsement of their products and services. intentionally and specifically selected Ice Cubes persona in order to lure customers to use their products and services, Michael A. Taitelman added. Given Defendants reckless and unauthorized use of Ice Cubes persona in the Advertisement, and their stated desire to expand their existing customer base to include more Black customers, there is a significant likelihood that Defendants will continue to use Ice Cubes persona in additional product lines, Ice Cubes updated lawsuit claims. Ice Cube is asking a judge to prevent Robinhood from using his image again. He also wants actual, consequential, incidental, and special damages, as well as any profits Robinhood may have made from the advertisement. Posted in Exclusives Read more

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