Epic Games reveals release date for Eminem skin in Fortnite #Eminem

videogamer November 22, 2023 Eminem 18
Epic Games reveals release date for Eminem skin in Fortnite #Eminem

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? Here's when the Fortnite Eminem skin release date is going to be. The post Epic Games reveals release date for Eminem skin in Fortnite appeared first on VideoGamer.

Video Gamer is reader-supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Prices subject to change. Will the real Slim Shady (in Fortnite) please stand up? Following Epic Games’s initial announcement of the self-proclaimed Rap God’s cosmetic, the esteemed developer finally announced the . So, if you’ve been itching to add this skin to your growing cosmetic collection, you’re in luck because its launch is closer than you think. Despite the introducing the infamous that prevented players from using their hard-earned outfits, this particular skin should be safe from being censored since it will be prominently featured once the kicks off. That said, keep reading to find out when the Eminem skin gets released so you can enjoy the upcoming celebration in style. Aside from including the typical Slim Shady getup complete with a zip-up hoodie, white t-shirt, and recognizable bleach blond hair, the Rap God’s bundle has two more outfits you can equip. The first alternative, called the Never More outfit, features Eminem’s memorable costume he wore on the cover of his most recent album, Boasting a funeral-worthy black-and-white suit and tie, complete with a black fedora, this is the perfect skin to equip if you plan on fragging out in the battle royale. In addition, Epic Games also announced that players who own and wear the Marshall Never More outfit during the Big Bang event will receive another “special style.” Of course, this isn’t the only variant you can expect with the bundle. Throughout the years, Eminem has shown off several wacky getups in his myriad music clips, but none have arguably been as iconic as his costume in the video. Aside from being one of Slim Shady’s most prominent songs, the video it’s accompanied by is memorable in its own right as it sees Eminem don the superhero Robin’s costume. Though this isn’t an exact replica of Robin’s outfit, the similar mask, fingerless gloves, and the backward ‘E’ icon on his jacket should still make you feel as anti-heroic as he did in his music video. That covers all you need to know about the Fortnite Eminem skin release date. While you wait for the new cosmetic to drop, check out our guides on , , and so you can enjoy an even bigger cosmetic closet. Read more

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