Eminem Stands Up For Women's Rights But Some Women Bring Up The Old Em #Eminem

allhiphop June 28, 2022 Eminem 7
Eminem Stands Up For Women's Rights But Some Women Bring Up The Old Em #Eminem

Eminem steps up in the ashes of Roe v. Wade for women.

6.8K Eminem has been controversial for quite a while, but hes not so controversial today. The women that Ive seen have an issue with some of the language in the post. First of all, it starts with as a father. That is a no-no! It should be something that deals with womens rights or even humanity. But certainly, as a father suggests that he only really cares because of his own daughter. Like what if he was not a father? It should be for all women. Also, there may be some need to reconcile with women in general, but I dont necessarily feel that way. That would just be something to do to reduce the pain, but whats done is done. Hes trying to do the right thing now. One post I saw said, Is this the same man who rapped about killing his baby mama, rape and burying his mother? Another post I saw said, He needs to go sit down. He was never interested in speaking up for womens right before. It wasnt all bad. Somebody made a more lengthy, empathetic post: He has always been a devoted dad and uncle to his ex wives niece that he has custody of and raised as his daughter. And yes he has come a long way from his earlier days. I do believe he even has a relationship with his mom but if he is advocating for any woman I dont see any problem with it. I grew up listening to him and understood that before he was a rapper he was just a regular person with normal problems and yes he was a little out there with the way he expressed his frustration but I also have a Masters in Clinical Social Work and I saw many instances of this on a daily basis. Anyway at the end of the day, this is good and Eminem is powerful and his fanbase is loving it. So thats the most important thing, because some of those guys were crazy as he was. Hopefully, the message gets out there. Hopefully people will realize that Eminem was young and probably severely damaged himself. Hopefully, he is less damaged and more interested in using his specific celebrity for good. I think he is. Free Mumia. Yes, random, but

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