Drake + Kanye West Are Legit Beefing Again SOHH.com

sohh August 24, 2021 Drake 39
Drake + Kanye West Are Legit Beefing Again  SOHH.com

#Drake and #Kanye are at each other's necks. The two rappers have been feuding again. It all started when Drake mentioned Kanye in a brand new song. On Drake

#TrippieRedd s new song Betrayal, Drake seems to mention Kanyes age and calls him burnt out. All these fools Im beefin that I barely know. Forty-five, forty-four (burned out), let it go Ye aint changing shit for me, set in stone. After the song dropped, Kanye clapped back by dropping a screenshot of a group chat he made in which he added Pusha T, Drake, Virgil Abloh and Bu. Kanye wrote saying he lives for this and you will never recover. In addition to posting the screenshot, Kanye and Drake are trending again after Kanye posted and deleted his address on Instagram. While the location to Drakes Toronto mansion is public information fans are still shocked Yeezy posted this to social media. Drake seemingly has Kanye in his feelings and responded to his post and delete by posting a petty video of himself laughing it off. Young Money Records even reposted the video of him laughing and put the intro to Seeing Green in the background when it says Yall some drama queens for real. Its all good though! While this beef is hot both artists also have their fans desperately waiting for new music to drop any day now. Kanye with DONDA and Drake with Certified Lover Boy. Could this just be a marketing ploy to get more people to listen to the music or is there more to beef? Are the streets ready for Kanye to clapback harder with a diss track? Will this beef continue and move to the studio or just stay on social media? If the two rapstars start battling this out in the studio, who you got your money on?! Let us know in the comments! Read more

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