Dr. Dre's Rumored Girlfriend Apryl Jones Airs Out Omarion

hiphopdx August 06, 2021 Omarion 61
Dr. Dre's Rumored Girlfriend Apryl Jones Airs Out Omarion

Apryl Jones claims her ex-partner Omarion is constantly serving her with court papers six years after ending their relationship.

Apryl Jones is rumored to be coupled up with Dr. Drenowadays, but shes apparently having problems with her ex-partner Omarionsix years after breaking up. The former Love & Hip Hop star has aired out the singer on social media, saying he keeps serving her with court papers relating to their children. We found a method but theres no relationship, she explained. He has people that deal with the kids, so Id rather preferably deal with them. And Im always getting served thats just the truth. So its like constantly having to deal with that in court, and Im tired and I would preferably like it to stop. And I know you guys are gonna laugh at this like, You got served! Its like, I laugh too. How does that ironically how is that. She continued, We have not been together for six years so I dont understand what the problem is. Im not the baby momma whos like a crazy baby momma or gonna like knock on the door, Gimme the Im not. Its like, take the kids, have a good time, enjoy your life, you know what Im saying? So, I dont know. Read more

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