Doja Cat Reveals Why She 'Swerved' Jack Harlow #JackHarlow

rap-up May 16, 2022 Jack Harlow 38
Doja Cat Reveals Why She 'Swerved' Jack Harlow #JackHarlow

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Doja Cat Reveals Why She Swerved Jack Harlow Jack Harlows crush on Doja Cat is still a hot topic. Prior to winning four awardsat Sundays Billboard Music Awards, the Kiss Me More rapper recalled the time Harlow tried to shoot his shot with her on Instagram Live. She ended up swerving him, but Doja insists it was not intentional. My wig was peeling off and I noticed that and I was like, Oh, gotta go, bye,' she told ET while on the red carpet. Back in March of 2020, the First Class rapper was on Instagram Live when Doja popped in and Jack tried to flirt with her, but she avoided his advances. I need to talk to you for a second though, he told her before a shocked Doja responded, You know who I am? Harlow explained that people thought they were dating because her boyfriend looked like him. Doja asked how tall Jack was and whether he was Jewish before abruptly leaving the livestream after noticing her wig was peeling off. After she left, Jack admitted, Oh man, Ive got a crush on her for months. During the Billboard Music Awards, Jack also reflected on their flirtatious encounter, but noted that theyve become friends since then and he wasnt trying to shoot his shot again. Ive become cool with Doja. That was early in our friendship, now we know each other pretty well. So I aint gonna do nothing too silly, he said. I think Im playing it cool today. When asked if he was crushing on anyone else, he remained coy. Its always a new crush, noted Jack, who famously flirtedwith Saweetie on the red carpet at the BET Awards.

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