DJ Khaled Teams Up With Fat Joe To Start A Joint OnlyFans

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DJ Khaled Teams Up With Fat Joe To Start A Joint OnlyFans

DJ Khaled and Fat Joe are the latest celebrities to join OnlyFans, the pair will have a joint account. The profile will have a theme of inspiration and motivation for the duo's followers.

are joining OnlyFans to bring inspiration and motivation to their fans. Source: (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Haute Living) / (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Haute Living) One company that has thrived since the start of the pandemic is the fan-focused platform OnlyFans Over the past year, they have seen a record-setting number of sign-upsfor those seeking extra money during such trying times. Contrary to popular belief, the platform isnt just a safe space for sex workmany on the platform are helping others with all sorts of skills by offering subscriptions as gym coaches, chefs, and some even provide celebrity gossip at a small fee. Even Beyonc mentioned OnlyFansin her verse on the Savage remix. Last year brought celebrities such as Cardi Band Jordyn Woods to the platformat the request of their fansNow, Fat Joe and DJ Khaled are heading to the platform to bring what they call the light to the people. On their OnlyFans, the duo will post motivational and inspirational talks, and guide fans to the light, while sharing uplifting insights. Fans will also get a glimpse into Khaled and Joes personal lives, and will see the pair play basketball, dine together, hang in the studio with special guests, and more. The decision to make a joint account was a rather easy one as the pair is always together, and we all know Khaled is great content 24/7. This also lets them get to know their fans in a more intimate way and create an encouraging community of positivity. The two Hip Hops stars have officially launched their profiletoo for a monthly subscription fee of $20. Not too bad. New content is set to release next Monday as well. Would you subscribe to their OnlyFans page? Tell us why down below! Categories: For Discussion For Your Information Read more

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