DJ Khaled And Fat Joe Are Collaborating... On A Joint OnlyFans Account

uproxx January 19, 2021 DJ Khaled 129
DJ Khaled And Fat Joe Are Collaborating... On A Joint OnlyFans Account

A rematch of the pair's famously silly basketball game is on the way.

Flipboard Some rappers like J. Cole, Drake, and Quavo, to name a few are big basketball fans and have some game on the court as well. DJ Khaled and Fat Joe are not on that same tier. Last summer, the two generated some attention online for a videoof them playing one-on-one, a match-up that didnt inspire much confidence in their abilities. Now, though, they have a rematch on the way, and interested parties will be able to check that out on the pairs new OnlyFans account Yes, Joe and Khaled have a joint OnlyFans account. It doesnt look like theyll offer the sort of racy content the site is best known for, though. A subscription costs $20 per month and Khaled and Joes bio reads, welcome to the LIGHT the page for fans to get exclusive motivational and inspirational content, where we will be guiding fans to the light while sharing uplifting insights and behind-the-scenes of our personal lives. Khaled and Joe both teased the basketball rematch and the OnlyFans account on social media, noting that video of the fateful game will be available on January 25. In a statement Khaled noted, Well be sharing content thats not anywhere else.its the light. Joe added, We also wanted to create a community thats full of positivity and hypes each other up! We want to get to know our actual fans. Check out the OnlyFans account here Read more

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