Did Lil Durk Get Punched Out In A Casino??? #LilDurk

allhiphop July 18, 2022 Lil Durk 8
Did Lil Durk Get Punched Out In A Casino??? #LilDurk

Lil Durk may have gotten, punched but there is more to the story. Check the video and see if you can tells what's going on.

Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window) There is a viral video online and it is not looking great for Lil Durk. In the video, it looks like somebody attacks Lil Durk in a casino. The video is only a few seconds long, but those braids are clear. In the video, it looks like Durk tries to fling a chair at somebody. But it didnt connect. Homie dips and punches the Chi-Town rapper, sending him sprawling to the ground. After that, the video stops, but the drama doesnt. Now, I am hearing Durks people are scrambling, deleting these videos as much as they can. A lot of them have disappeared. Also, Durk has deactivated his IG to duff out the comments and commotion. I am hoping they can, but I dont think it will happen. The internet gonna internet. Some people saying its not even Lil Durk in the video, but who else it could be with those blonde braids? Yep! You guessed it! Purkio! When you see the video, it is hard to imagine Durk being out in the open so readily. Also, my sources tell me he notified everybody on his live that he was deactivating his socials to get focused on music. Stay tuned. Read more

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