Did Lil Baby Diss His ‘Drip Too Hard’ Partner-In-Rhyme Gunna? #LilBaby

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Did Lil Baby Diss His ‘Drip Too Hard’ Partner-In-Rhyme Gunna? #LilBaby

It sure looks like the two rappers have had a falling out.

The year was 2018 and Lil Baby and Gunna were both just beginning to break out of the Atlanta trap scene. Both had tremendous buzz surrounding their names, so when they teamed up for a joint album, , it and its lead single, “ ,” took off like a rocket to the stars, accelerating their ascent to household name status (and still ). Since then, though, their trajectories have diverged somewhat; while Lil Baby continues to rack up streams and endorsement deals, Gunna took a detour through the Fulton County Jail thanks to the ongoing against the two rappers’ shared mentor Young Thug and his YSL label, to which Gunna is signed. Gunna’s out now , but many of his have turned their backs on him as a result — . This week, a video surfaced online in which Lil Baby apparently repudiates his former partner-in-rhyme in no uncertain terms during a recent show. As the DJ begins to play the beat from the duo’s signature hit, Baby apparently barks, “F*ck the rats — turn this sh*t off.” Nah lil baby dissed gunna on stage when “Drip too hard” came on ??? “f*ck the ? turn that ? off” — Shannonnn sharpes Burner (PARODY Account) (@shannonsharpeee) At least, that’s how fans on Twitter have interpreted his exclamation. It’s hard to make out and there’s no real confirmation that he’s speaking specifically about Gunna but it’s hard to deny two facts: “Drip Too Hard” feature the newly controversial rapper, and Gunna was villified earlier this year for “ ” on Young Thug to get out — although even Young Thug’s closest family anything he may have said could hurt Thug’s defense. If Lil Baby really has fallen out with Gunna, it’s sure to be disappointing to longtime fans who look back fondly on the duo’s shared breakout in 2018. it isn’t exactly Migos breaking up but it still sucks for the Atlanta trap scene. Read more

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