Desiigner Calls EST Gee 'Hot Garbage' for Charging Him $75 000 for a Verse #Desiigner

rap-up September 22, 2022 Desiigner 35
Desiigner Calls EST Gee 'Hot Garbage' for Charging Him $75 000 for a Verse #Desiigner

Desiigner is accusing EST Gee of overcharging him for a feature.

/09.22.2022 Desiigner is putting EST Gee on blast. On Thursday, a heated Desiigner took to Instagram to call out the Southern rapper for reportedly overcharging him for a feature. According to Desiigner, EST Gee wanted him to pay $75,000 for a verse but Desiigner wasnt having it. Opps tried to charge me $75,000, the Panda hitmaker said in the since-deleted video. EST Gee, bro, youre garbage, yous hot garbage. He continued to take shots at EST Gees talent and music. You cant perform like me. You cant never make a song like anybody in New York City. Youre trash, bro. Youre trash. Desiigner had to get something off his chest after saying EST Gee wanted to charge him $75K for a feature! THOUGHTS September 22, 2022 Desiigner, whose 2015 hit Panda was certified 5x platinum, did more trash talking while filming on the toilet. Dead ass, what Im doing right now, shitting. You feel me? Stop playing with me, for real, for real. Yall ni**as aint never sell what I sold. Thats on my mother, he laughed. Yall ni**as still trap, your little gold records. Keep all them chains on your neck, boy, for real. Cause you a slave to the game. Despite Desiigners disparagement, EST Gees star continues to rise. Earlier this month, the Louisville rapper released his latest mixtape I Never Felt Nun featuring Jack Harlow, Future, and Bryson Tiller. Feature prices have become a contentious topic in hip-hop. Megan Thee Stallion recently revealed that she paid Future $250,000 for a verse on her single Pressurelicious, while JAY-Z said he doesnt charge for his features, if youre lucky enough to get one. Meanwhile, Game claimed that he hasnt paid for a verse in his life. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE Read more

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