Dej Loaf Go DeJ Go Vol. 1 EP Review

hiphopdx January 31, 2019 DeJ Loaf 110
Dej Loaf Go DeJ Go Vol. 1 EP Review

HipHopDX drops the Go DeJ Go Vol. 1 EP review.

4 Its been a relatively quiet career Detroits rap songstress DeJ Loaf ever since her past relationship with Lil Durk. The last time longtime fans received a DeJ project was back in 2017 when she joined forces with Jacquees for their collaborative Fuck a Friend Zone LP, and its been over two years since her last solo release All Jokes Aside hit the streets. Perhaps setting the tone for a more active campaign in 2019, DeJ Loaf closed out last year by quietly dropping off a new six-track EP titled Go DeJ Go Vol. 1 . Go DeJ Go Vol. 1 is a brief listen with a runtime that falls just under 20 minutes. This one is filled with boastful, melodic street records reminiscent of the style that she entered the game with back in 2014. The EPs opener Big Shit Talker sets the projects aggressive tone, as over a piano-driven trap instrumental DeJ flexes with a flurry of braggadocious rhymes. A record like this one and the title track Go DeJ Go where the content caters more towards the streets and the beats are distinctively more hard-hitting, places Dej Loaf in a pocket where she is clearly at her most comfortable. Weve seen her do some experimentation with different genres and styles over the past couple of years, with some actually working, but these kinds of songs are where she thrives most. Throughout the EP there are stretches where the simplicity of the raps and repetitiveness of certain themes start making the music sound much less compelling than it should. You hear that on a song like Big Keys that is much less melody-driven than what we typically hear from DeJ, and the verses come off as a bit basic. DeJs skill-set lies greatly in her ability to deliver relatable content and be catchy, and when this isnt taking place it becomes easy to check out. There are moments of introspection scattered within these six records, like on Bullshit where she briefly addresses possible reasons for her hiatus. She rapped I cant be in bitches face, I cant be fakin no smiles, I cant be wrapped up in no label, I done figured it out, Cause they wouldnt give a fuck if I died tomorrow, I put my music on my back and on my unborn child. Itd be nice to hear more of her personal story being implemented in her music, as it would add more substance moving forward. The short stretches where DeJ makes an effort to detail her own story on the EP is where you feel most connected as a listener. Go DeJ Go Vol. 1 is a solid effort but isnt satisfying enough as a listener, especially for anyone whove been anticipating a big return to music from DeJ Loaf. Despite this, there are some clear improvements from her last project, along with a few really good songs that should hold fans over until her next full-length release slated for later this year. Subscribe to DX Newsletter Get The Most Important Stories Of The Day Straight To Your Inbox Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Youre Far Too Kind To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you. Joining Newsletter reviews on HipHopDX Read more

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