Chris Brown Drops Nearly $100k on Magnetic Retention Grills

tmz July 26, 2021 Chris Brown 76
Chris Brown Drops Nearly $100k on Magnetic Retention Grills

Chris Brown dropped nearly $100k on some magnetic gold grills.

Chris Brown 's a magnetic kinda guy ... or at least his mouth is, after he dropped a fortune to get some unique dental work done. The singer's got some shiny new gold grills -- 24 karat gold covering all 28 teeth according to his celeb dentist Thomas Connelly -- but that's not what makes 'em special. Nayoki Hayashi Connelly says it's the magnetic retention design, where Breezy's back molars have magnetic gold crowns embedded on them so the grills fit and lock in the magnets with precision on the fronts of all his teeth. This means CB's grills have no metal covering the inside of his teeth -- like conventional grills -- so he can basically speak and sing normally while wearing them. Nayoki Hayashi Obviously, dental work this revolutionary doesn't come cheap, and we're told the cost for Brown's job was just under $100,000. A lot for sure, but considering one of Connelly's other famous clients, Post Malone dropped $1.6 million on his new diamond-fanged smilelast month ... Breezy may have gotten a bargain. Read more

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