Chet Hanks Flirts W/ Lizzo After She Drunk DMs Chris Evans

sohh April 20, 2021 Lizzo 112
Chet Hanks Flirts W/ Lizzo After She Drunk DMs Chris Evans

Hollywood icon Tom Hanks' son Chet Hanks knows an opportunity when he sees one when it comes to l-o-v-e. The 30-year-old actor seized the chance to shoot his sh

Chet Hanks flirts W/ Lizzo after she drunk DMs Chris Evans. Lizzo Uses Booty To Dead Rumors In March 2021, Liz hit up Instagram and went right to the point. Instead of dishing out a long statement, the rap artist simply captioned her marital statusand provided a thirst trap clip to melt hearts. SINGLE A post shared by Lizzo (@lizzobeeating) Lizzo Catches The Censors Sleeping At The Grammys In mid-March 2021, before announcing the Best New Artist nominees, Lizzo excitedly shouted out B*tch, Im back! before realizing her slip-up. She laughed her way through the rest of the presentation before naming Megan Thee Stallionthe winner over the likes of Doja Cat, Chika, D Smoke, Kaytranada, and more. B*tch, Im back! Oop! God, oh, Im so sorry Cardi B Addresses Collaborating W/ Lizzo In early March 2021, fans started asking for a Cardi and Lizzo project after catching wind of the pics Cardi responded by agreeing that she also wanted to work with the Grammy-winning star But she first needed to have a songready for them to share microphone time on. Bacardi went to Twitter to make sure followers had realistic expectations. Cardi BandLizzo, together at last? After gushing over some stunning portraits of Lizzo, the rapper implied that shes ready to write a song that will feature her. These pics do it for me, Cardi wrote Read more

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