Cardi B Shares Explicit Text Messages with Offset #Offset

rap-up October 01, 2022 Offset 40
Cardi B Shares Explicit Text Messages with Offset #Offset

She responded to a troll with the graphic exchange.

/10.01.2022 Bring a bucket and a mop Cardi B is revealing her explicit text conversation with Offset after a troll made a joke about her husbands infidelity. This is how Offset be w/ random women when Cardi B be away from home, wrote the person, who also shared a meme of SpongeBob SquarePants looking at his phone with the caption, Man eat that d**k. But Cardi surprised the troll when she responded with a screenshot of personal texts between her and her husband in which they exchanged graphic details about their sexual activity. Actually this how he be Thank you, she wrote alongside a kissing face emoji. Offset, who is labeled in Cardis phone as Hubbington, recalled a passionate night of lovemaking in his messages. Let me stop cause I know you getting horny, Cardi told her husband, who encouraged her to continue, I like when u tell me to f**k you keep doing that. Cardi quickly deleted the NSFW screenshot and shared a GIF of Robert Redford from the 1972 film Jeremiah Johnson. Ms.Wap for a reason puuuurrrrrrrrrr, the WAP hitmaker wrote in her caption. Ms.Wap for a reason puuuurrrrrrrrrr Read more

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