Busta Rhymes Scoffs At Mask Mandates: 'Fuck A Mask'

hiphopdx August 24, 2021 Busta Rhymes 51
Busta Rhymes Scoffs At Mask Mandates: 'Fuck A Mask'

A clip of Busta Rhymes rallying against COVID-19 restrictions at a St. Louis concert in June is making the rounds on Twitter.

Busta Rhymes To COVID-19 Restrictions: 'Suck A Dick!' Published on:Aug 24, 2021, 10:28 AM by 30 St. Louis, MO The ongoing COVID-19 pandemichas created a sharp division among the United States population. Some are all for the vaccine, while others thumb their nose at the idea. Others will adhere to wearing masks, but then there are those who believe it hinders on their freedom as Americans. During a St. Louis concert in June, Busta Rhymes had a few words on the topic, which made it clear which side of the fence he was on. In a now-viral clip making the rounds on Twitter, Busta says, The last 15 fucking months, COVID can suck a dick. All these little weird ass government policies and mandates, suck a dick! They try to take our civil liberties away. It feels good to be back outside. We outside for real. Its called the god given right of freedom, right? No human being supposed to tell you you cant just breathe freely. buster pic.twitter.com/nuxgq4AaJ6 Read more

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