Brandy Joins the Cast of Forthcoming Series 'Queens'

thesource March 09, 2021 Brandy 83
Brandy Joins the Cast of Forthcoming Series 'Queens'

With Eve and Naturi Naughton already announced, Brandy will be joining the forthcoming ABC show Queens.

Visit for more information Brandy will take on the role of Naomi, a former 90s Hip Hop star in the group Nasty Bitches. Eve and Naughton will be two of the remaining three members. The fourth has yet to be revealed. The show focuses on the women reuniting in their 40s with the aim of continuing their careers. reads of Brandys character: Advertisement A true artist with boundless musical talent, Naomi was certain shed go on to mainstream success after the groups demise. She hasnt, singing and playing her guitar in crappy dive bars where all people want is her old persona. When the group gets back together, Naomi is reunited with the only man she ever loved, and the rival bandmate who stole that man from her. But what Naomi wants more than anything is to build a relationship with the daughter she was never really there for, if she only knew how. Excited to check out Queens? Let us know. Read more

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