Bobby Shmurda Warns Rappers Not To Say Too Much On Records #BobbyShmurda

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Bobby Shmurda Warns Rappers Not To Say Too Much On Records #BobbyShmurda

Bobby Shmurda Warns Rappers Not To Say Too Much On Records Regardless of 'Rap On Trial' Bill As Rappers Can Still Be Accused In Court With Their Lyrics

CLOSE Source: Shareif Ziyadat / Getty Just because New York State passed a Rap On Trial bill which limits law enforcement from using rap lyrics against rappers in court, it doesnt mean you should just spill all the illegal tea on your records. And whod know better than Bobby Shmurda? In an interview with HotNewHipHop the Hot Ni**a rapper expressed his view on the issue and warned that the bill itself shouldnt let rappers feel safe expressing their personal experiences in the booth. Related Stories Bobby Shmurda Released From Epic Records Contract Kay Flock, and a lot of rappers are getting locked up right now. So again, they get accused. They getting accused of these things. Accused! Accusations, you know what Im saying? Theories. Gotta make sure you keep that word, key word. Now listen, just because they passed the f*cking law guys, do not go on the f*cking record talking about you just shot Johnny in his face. Please guys, please guys. Do not go saying some dumb sh*t. But you can express yourself. Express stories better. But dont do not do anything like, I just shot Johnny in his face. Like, what the f*ck, bro? Be mindful still, I feel. Still be mindful. He would know. New York prosecutors used Bobbys own lyrics against him back in 2016 to connect the dots on all kinds of charges leveled against them. It lowkey worked as Bobby pleaded guilty and spent six years behind bars. This past May the Rap Music on Trial bill was passed in New York State with the support of the likes of Jay-Z, Fat Joe and Killer Mike as they know better than most that artistic freedom is needed when breaking down aspects of your former life on Hip-Hop records. Still, now that the bill has been passed to give rappers more leeway with their lyrics, they still should be cautious about what they say as prosecutors will find a way to incorporate their rhymes into any criminal proceedings they may end up in. what do yall think? Is Bobby right to caution rappers on their rap lyrics? Let us know in the comment section below. Read more

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