Bobby Shmurda Struggles Getting A Shot At The Doctor's Office

hiphopdx April 04, 2022 Bobby Shmurda 16
Bobby Shmurda Struggles Getting A Shot At The Doctor's Office

Bobby Shmurda has provided fans with so much hilarious content and he's still not done after showing fans he struggled getting a shot at the doctor's office.

Bobby Shmurda has been keeping fans busy with all the content hes been providing them on social media. The latest batch of hilarity comes from a recent doctors visit that had the Brooklyn rapper looking like a child while getting some bloodwork done. Over the weekend, Bobby Shmurda went to visit his doctor for what appears to be a routine checkup. The funny thing about the clip was Bobbycowering in fear once the doctor was about to give him a shot. The Shmoney rapper was so afraid of getting a shot that he had a nurse hold his hand throughout the whole process. Nah hold on doc, Bobby said while taking in puffs of oxygen from a machine and moving away from the doctor as he tried to administer the shot. That shit is boosting my high. Lets go Im ready. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Bobby Shmurda (@itsbobbyshmurda) As the doctor began marking his arm, Bobby started saying a prayer while anxiously swaying his legs back and forth. WHO els be acting like this at Doc, Bobby Shmurda said in the caption of his post. While hes letting fans know hes staying healthy with his recent visit to the doctors office, Bobby is still celebrating his release from Epic Records.The rapper took to his Instagram Story with a post glorifying his freedom and plans for whats to come in the future. Read more

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