Bobby Shmurda Laughs Off NBA YoungBoy's Latest Beef Comments #BobbyShmurda

hiphopdx December 27, 2022 Bobby Shmurda 33
Bobby Shmurda Laughs Off NBA YoungBoy's Latest Beef Comments #BobbyShmurda

Bobby Shmurda has seemingly responded to NBA YoungBoy's latest round of comments regarding theirongoing dispute, which he made whilst talking to Blueface.

NBA YoungBoy s latest round of comments regarding their ongoing dispute. On Friday (December 23), YoungBoy hosted the third episode of his Never Broke Again Radio show on Amazons App platform. During the episode, Blueface made an appearance and asked the Baton Rouge rapper about his apparent beef with Shmurda. You aint even strong enough to do this with me, bruh, YB said about the Brooklyn rapper. Ima stay out your way, bruh. Im going to stay the fuck out of your way. He continued: Cause I see you let these White people stuck you stupid-ass in jail and let you out and give you not one thing. And now you ready to kill somebody and go back to jail. A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akademiks) It didnt take long for Shmurda to respond, taking to his Instagram Stories to call out both NBA YoungBoy and Blueface. Gang bangers is blogging about Bobby Shmurda together, he laughed. I aint gon respond to this n-gga. This n-gga is a reality star on TV show, he added, possibly referring to Blueface and his reality series Crazy in Love Chrisean Rock . He went on: Im not to respond to this n-gga. Theres no way, Im too gangsta you cant pay me a billion dollars to suck nobodys dick. You cant pay me a billion dollars to do nothing outside of my morals. Meaning, I cant talk about the next n-gga for no money. You can check out Bobby Shmurdas response below: Rowdy Rebels recent appearance on Math Hoffas My Expert Opinion , where the GS9 representative questioned the actions of King Vons alleged killer, Lul Tim, an affiliate of NBA YoungBoy and Quando Rondo. NBA YoungBoy later appeared to respond to Rowdy Rebels comments on his Instagram Stories, writing: I see why n-ggas irrelevant today Be trying to make all the sense thinking what they saying real but sounding stupid asf Just mind yo businesses And stop the violence Quando big brother. The follow day, Bobby Shmurda appeared to diss Quando Rondo, who referenced Lul Tims alleged slaying of Von on 3860, his new collaborative album with NBA YoungBoy. N-ggas be jacking everybody other shit. What you doing? What you doing, homie? he asked in clip posted to his Instagram Stories. Stop telling me about your brothers shooters and your brothers this and you always what the fuck do you do? Huh?! When are you finally gonna do something? NBA YoungBoy responded via his own Instagram Stories, calling Bobby Von Shmurda and a slave. NBA YoungBoy issued a lengthier response to Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel in a series of Instagram Story videos, referring to Rowdy as a perm-having bitch and Bobby a flunk-ass n-gga. He also called out Bobby for not being a true supporter of King Von, while reiterating he doesnt want to get dragged into a beef with the GS9 duo. Bobby Shmurda fired back on Instagram Live, claiming hes 2 and 0 for the year before threatening to boom NBA YoungBoy, Wack 100 and DJ Akademiks. Then after receiving a call from his parole officer, Bobby Shmurda retracted some of his previous statements, claiming in a goofy voice that he was just playing. December 23, 2022 The online feud continued for a little while longer, with Bobby turning his attention to the major label system, accusing NBA YoungBoys former label, Atlantic Records, of using bots to pad the rappers stats. Atlantic Records, I know yall got NBA YoungBoy. Epic already on my ass, Roc Nation. Listen, please. Atlantic Records, I dont want no problems, he said. Yall n-ggas already got my fucking YouTube hacked, down. Got my muthafucking SoundCloud, everywhere. You cant even type in Bobby Shmurda and my shit pop up. Only Hot N-gga because Epic owns it. I dont want no problems because these labels, man. They got the marketing side where some people are going to try to push to get you locked up where they dont want me to fight back. Then they got the marketing with the bots. Atlantic got the best bots. Atlantics bots is crazy. NBAs bots bout to go crazy. 1,000 bots is something like $2,000. They got packages. NBA YoungBoy responded by posting a screenshot of a private DM conversation with Bobby Shmurda along with the caption: Blocked before you can even say another word I just want you to win crazy man @itsbobbyshmurda go follow bro #stoptheviolence. The back-and-forth eventually fizzled out after NBA YoungBoy deactivated his Instagram page. Bobby Shmurdas Instagram posts have also since been removed. Subscribe to DX Newsletter Read more

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