Bobby Shmurda Is Back! New Music Video Coming Soon

sohh August 17, 2021 Bobby Shmurda 66
Bobby Shmurda Is Back! New Music Video Coming Soon

Bobby is back! New York rapper #BobbyShmurda is finally ready to release some new music of his own after being on a musical hiatus due to a stint in jail. Bo

Share Bobby Shmurda was released after a 6 year jail stay in February 2021. Since his release Bobby has been seen masked up in the club, having the time of his life in other rappers music videos, and posing with Hip Hop billionaire #JAYZat an all white affair. While the public has been happy to see Shmurda enjoying his new found freedom they are also itching for new music. Ever since Bobby Shmurda was sentenced shortly after the release of his mega-hit Hot Boy, fans have been anxiously waiting for follow ups for 6 years. Now that Bobby is out, people have showed up with their hands out and their headphones ready but Bobby has not yet delivered. Shmurda did address his lack of new music on his Instagram, letting fans know that he is quote Bizzy running round and needed some time to breathe. Bobby even discussed the difficulties he was having grappling with his new sense of freedom in a July 2021 interview. Now it seems Shmurda is finally ready to once again share his music with the world. Following a high-energy return to the stage at #RollingLoudMiami, Bobby has now been seen filming a music video for his own unreleased music. A behind the scenes picture appeared on Bobbys instagram. This was accompanied by BTS footage being posted on DJ Akademiks IG page, captioned Looks like #bobbyshmurdashooting his first music video for his new single Are the streets ready for the return of Shmurda? Do you think what he releases will live up to the hype or has his time passed? Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Read more

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