Bobby Shmurda Gets Harriet Tubman Tattooed On His Arm

hiphopwired May 07, 2021 Bobby Shmurda 108
Bobby Shmurda Gets Harriet Tubman Tattooed On His Arm

Bobby Shmurda Gets His Mother, Grandmother and Harriet Tubman Tattooed On His Arm

s been living his best life copping new clothes, ice, white women and now some ink that pays homage to two beloved family members and a historical icon that will surprise many. According to TMZ the Hot N*gga rapper got himself some new tattoos of his mother, grandmother, and iconic American abolitionist and political activist, Harriet Tubman. Naturally a family oriented person wouldnt have a problem getting a family member or two tatted on their person, and as for Harriet Tubman, the tattoo artist, Daz Leone, says that she was always an idol of his since learning about her in school. Were told Shmurdas body art is meant to honor strong Black women, and for Tubman specifically Daz says Bobby told him her story has always resonated with him as he first learned about her in school, and even more in recent years. But dont think Bobby is done getting inked up in honor of past historical figures. Leone says more is coming in the future so be ready. According to Daz, Bobbys planning to get more tattoos acknowledging Black history after this one. Daz also tells us hes known Bobby since they were kids and hes one of the first people he ever tattooed so his ink is always on the house. We wonder wholl be next to become a part of Bobbys body. Malcolm? Martin? Guess well have to wait and see. HipHopWired Radio Read more

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