Bobby Shmurda Dismisses Discussing Wack 100 During Interview

hiphopdx February 02, 2022 Bobby Shmurda 11
Bobby Shmurda Dismisses Discussing Wack 100 During Interview

Wack 100 criticized Bobby Shmurda for all the dancing he was doing following his release from prison, and now the Brooklyn rapper has responded.

Bobby Shmurda is living his best life, and hes choosing to do that by dancing all over the place.While some love the moves, others have criticized him, such as Wack 100 who said Bobby is losing respect in the streets. On Tuesday (February 1), Bobby Shmurda was a guest on No Jumper, where he was asked about Wack 100s comments. According to the Shmoneyrapper, he hasnt lost any street credibility because if anyone wants to try him, theyre more than welcome to come see him. Im saying people see me all the time, so, you see Im iced up all the time. Try it, try it, try it n-gga. Please try it pimpin. Straight like that, with a smile on, Bobby said. They gotta pretend to do all that, I does it with a smile since I was 12. I been dancing since I was four years old and I been busting n-ggas shit open since I was five, six. View this post on Instagram A post shared by 2Cool2Blog (@2cool2bl0g) He added, Thats what gangstas do. Gangstas do what the fuck wanna do. Im not thinking about somebody telling me, Oh, you cant dance, Bobby. Let somebody tell me that I cant dance, Shmurda said. Let somebodywhat they gonna do? Adam22 reiterated that Wack 100wasnt telling him he cant dance anymore and instead said hes losing street cred, which led Bobby to dismiss the music executive altogether.

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