Bobby Shmurda Details Kai Cenat Friendship & Twitch Streaming #BobbyShmurda

hotnewhiphop July 13, 2022 Bobby Shmurda 22
Bobby Shmurda Details Kai Cenat Friendship & Twitch Streaming #BobbyShmurda

Bobby Shmurda details his unexpected friendship with his 'lil' bro' Kai Cenat and drops gems for up-and-coming artists. Bobby Shmurda emerged into the rap game when social media was only beginning to have a grip on the culture. Vine and Facebook were at their height when “Hot N***a” came...

had to adapt to the current status of the music industry. Dani B c/o Collective Gallery Perhaps, one of the most unexpected relationships hes developed since 2021 was his friendship with Twitch star Kai Cenat. The two have linked up to do a handful of videos in the past but Bobby insists that theyve developed a familial relationship. Kai, thats my lil bro right there. I like that lil n***a, he told HNHH in our latest cover story. I think we did a skit then he invited me to his crib and we did the next skit and then we be chillin. We be calling each other all the time. Though the two have a genuine bond with one another, Cenat opened up Shmurdas eyes when it comes to marketing. The rapper explained that having good marketing is just as important as having good music, and platforms like Twitch only help to expand an artists audience. Marketing is everything in the game, as I keep saying. You want people to see your sh*t. You can have the best music ever but if you want people to see your sh*t, you have to do good marketing because everybody is marketing nowadays so its like people will look at, instead of the music nowadays, theyll look at the number. Or they wanna see your shi*ts certain places to take it serious. So you gotta have these marketing strategies. Some of them costs, some of them you go viral off of, it depends, but you have to be marketing. Check out our cover story with

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