Blueface Says Lil Baby & Rick Ross Are 'Tryna Fuck' Chrisean Rock #LilBaby

hiphopdx March 01, 2023 Lil Baby 39
Blueface Says Lil Baby & Rick Ross Are 'Tryna Fuck' Chrisean Rock #LilBaby

Blueface has claimed both Lil Baby and Rick Ross want to sleep with his girlfriend Chrisean Rock and he refuses to accept the idea they are merely networking.

Chrisean Rock and he refuses to accept the idea that Rock is merely networking. The controversial couple sat down with Bootleg Kev to discuss the slew of ongoing drama surrounding their relationship, with Kev specifically noting how angry Blueface got after Chrisean was seen hanging out with Rick Ross and Lil Baby. Kev posed the question that maybe it would be in Chriseans best interest to network with Baby and the Maybach Music leader for the sake of her career, but Blueface was quick to shut down that idea. Hell no, Blueface said to Kev. Because its not gonna be real networking. Kev again asked why linking up with Baby and Ross would be such a bad idea, to which Chrisean chimed in: Not when theyre tryna fuck, thats what hes trying to say. He says it, I just be like I dont know, Chrisean continued. She knows, Blueface added. She knows she likes to play around. The conversation then pivoted to Lil Baby specifically, as Blueface went public with his disapprovaland issued numerous warnings directly at the 4PF rapper on Twitter. She didnt tell you he was like, Oh you sexy, I want you around. You got potential, come to the studio. Whats your number? I dont know if she likes that or not but she trying to water it down, Blue continued. If she networking, by all means its cool. But once theres money being talked about and business being exchanged now its unprofessional. So if Lil Baby just invites her to the studio and youre not there, youre not okay with that? Kev asked. Nah Im okay with that, Blue replied. But it better be something transpiring. Do you feel like your personal relationship could cloud your managerial relationship? Kev added. Hell nah, because its almost to the point where if I wasnt a rapper thatd make sense, but I am which means all I gotta do is take her where I go, the Thotiana rapper said. Kev then spoke on Rick Ross taking a picture with Chrisean Rock at the Super Bowl and maintained that it was likely an innocent encounter due to Rock being on fire right now. Blueface rejected this notion as well. All I can speak on is what I think that theyre thinking, he said. They aint never seen her in person, and obviously when you see her in person she bad as hell so its like, Oh shit, its her! And its like thats cool but just dont be unprofessional about it. Dont go up to her and be like, Yo, I think that we can do business, and lets do this and lets do that.' Read more

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