Blueface Leaks Alleged Texts From Lil Baby To Chrisean Rock #LilBaby

hiphopwired February 20, 2023 Lil Baby 20
Blueface Leaks Alleged Texts From Lil Baby To Chrisean Rock #LilBaby

Blueface leaked an alleged direct message from Lil Baby towards his girlfriend Chrisean Rock, and made veiled threats to boot.

Blueface and Chrisean Rock have one of the more toxic public relationships today and it looks like things are going even more off the rails. The Los Angeles rapper posted an alleged series of texts from Lil Baby that were sent to Rock, and Blueface is accusing the Atlanta star of pretending to be a big brother. Blueface took to Twitter on Monday (Feb. 20) and shared the alleged DMs from Lil Baby towards Chrisean Rock writing in the caption, Met my b*tch one time talm bout he big brother You aint no son to me the truth could never be a dis. The alleged DMs read, Its Baby. Why people saying I was in your DM . Why you aint tell them Im a big brother. I hate sh*t like that. In a following string of tweets, Blueface made veiled threats towards Lil Baby. I run this sh*t on sy be mad if you want to b*tch post my messages Im bleeding anything come thru my Territory without checking In welcome to death row, read one tweet. In another tweet, he added, Anything that makes rock boom Im all for it even if I gotta look bad I aint bring her to the top for you n*ggas to play fake big brother an fake like you want to work for a picture or some p*ssy lets do business or move around its very simple I invested in this long time ago. This issue looks to have been brewing for a while after Rock shared during an Instagram Live session that she crossed paths with Baby during Super Bowl Weekend. Blueface was not approving of that exchange as well. As it stands, many are reacting to Bluefaces tweets and assumed threats towards Lil Baby although he didnt use direct messages to the rappers user name on Twitter. On the sidelines, folks have plenty to say and weve got the reactions listed below. Read more

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