Big Boi Reveals He Has 'Greatest Outkast Documentary' Ever

hiphopdx December 10, 2021 Outkast 52
Big Boi Reveals He Has 'Greatest Outkast Documentary' Ever

During an interview with Apple Music, Big Boi said he owns so much vintage Outkast footage, it needs to be made into a series.

Outkast as a duo hasnt released a studio album since 2006s Idlewild, but Big Boi clearly appreciates the time they spent together and the iconic discography theyve created. Even so, the footage might not be out for awhile if ever. We going to hold it for a minute, but its out of here, man, he continues. Its out of here it was to the point where I had, my cameraman was on my tour bus. I got him a room every night or he slept on my sofa. He filmed the whole adventure for over 10 years its times where were just free styling in the hotel, hes playing the piano. My wife had just had my youngest son, Im walking through the lobby. We just go outside with a big thing of Huggies Yeah, its some real special stuff, man. I got an edit, but its so much, it has to be like a series almost. You know what I mean? Yeah, man, live performances of songs that only might have done once or twice. And I didnt even remember that. Read more

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