Ben Simmons Reacts To Rumors He Slept With Megan Thee Stallion & Her Ex-BFF Kelsey #MeganTheeStallion

hotnewhiphop December 12, 2022 Megan Thee Stallion 30
Ben Simmons Reacts To Rumors He Slept With Megan Thee Stallion & Her Ex-BFF Kelsey #MeganTheeStallion

As Tory Lanez goes to trial for allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion, his defense alleges that she slept with Ben Simmons.

Link Copied to Clipboard! Share this page Torys defense claims Kelsey verified Megan slept with DaBaby and Ben Simmons after Kelsey dated them. However, a new report says otherwise. This trial has Hip Hop at attention, and more is being revealed about Tory Lanez, Megan Thee Stallion and Ben Simmons. In July 2020, Megan was injured during an altercation in Hollywood Hills. She later came forward to allege that Lanez, her former friend, shot her in the foot. He denied the allegations, and during the opening statements of his trial, Lanezs defense team contested that Kelsey Nicole Harris is the person responsible. According to several reports that emerged today (December 12), the defense argues that Harris and Megan got into a verbal argument while inside an SUV with Lanez. He was said to have revealed he had a sexual relationship with Megan, causing a fight between the ladies. Lanez reportedly dated Harris some time prior. Megan Thee Stallions Ex-BFF Kelsey Named As Shooter By Tory Lanez Defense: Report Additionally, the defense team claims during this spat, Harris wasnt surprised. She allegedly said Megan did this in the pasthaving sex with men she dated, including DaBaby and Ben Simmons. After the information went viral, The Shade Room returned with a report of its own. They claim they spoke with a source who accused Lanez and his defense team of lying because Harris doesnt know Simmon at all. The public has weighed in heavily on the new revelations from both the prosecution and the defense during opening statements. Yet, people were tuned as they waited for Simmons reaction. Read more

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