Angie Randisi Is Working Heavily With Lil Baby Thanks to Drake #Drake

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Angie Randisi Is Working Heavily With Lil Baby Thanks to Drake #Drake

XXL speaks with OVO Sound's in-house engineer Angie Randisi who explains working closely with Lil Baby thanks to Drake and Noah 40 Shebib.

s main engineer on his upcoming album. At 23 years old, Angie is living the dream as OVOs in-house engineer. She spoke to XXL about her journey and what lies ahead. XXL: What is your role as an engineer? Angie Randisi: As an intern, when youre just starting, I was just willing to do anything. I guess he saw that hunger in me, where I just willing to outwork everybody. Now its a lot more hands-on, its technical. Im OVOs in-house engineer. Its mainly recording, but I do a lot of mix preps for . That studio is a spaceship, so its very rare that people do know how to run it. What was the first huge moment for you in your career? Stepping foot into SOTA OVO. I remember even the day before my interview for that position, I was at the Drake concert I was watching the show and I was like, Oh shit, I got this interview tomorrow. Im listening to the records live, and then Im in the place where theyre creating the records, and I was involved in the creation of those records. Its something Ive always wanted. How did you begin engineering for Lil Baby? Drake reached out to me like, I might have an opportunity for you. If youre about it. I think he hit me maybe a few hours after like, When could you come to Atlanta? He wants to work with you as soon as possible. We had gone out there for four days and then Baby had called Drake and he was like, Extend her trip. I stayed another week, and we just kept extending it. Then at that point, he was like, I fuck with you a lot. Youre my engineer. What other artists have you been working with recently? Ive been working with 42 Dugga lot. People like Rylo. Obviously the 4PFguys. It was dope working with Young Thug. I literally felt like that Durk meme. He had done the whole verse, was like, Now what were going to do is take every bar and flip it. I was like, What? We did it and it sounded fire, but it was like, Yo, this man a genius, the hell? Read more

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