50 Cent Wants $250,000 From Young Buck Or There Is Going To Be Trouble

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50 Cent Wants $250,000 From Young Buck Or There Is Going To Be Trouble

50 Cent is gearing up to sue Young Buck for $250,000 over a loan, which was supposedly never repaid according to G-Unit general!

50 Cent is gearing up to sue Young Buck for $250,000 the G-Unit boss claims he gave his former artist as a loan, which was supposedly never repaid! Is 50 Cent about to sue one of his former rap protg? A few months back, Young Buck told the world that he and his former boss 50 Cent were on better terms hinting that there might be a G-Unit reunion. That seems to be all off now. According to Radar Online the Power series creator may be adding to Bucks legal woes and taking him to court for a whopping six figures. Court papers allege that he is owed $250,000 on a defaulted 2014 loan. The Queens native alleges that before offering Young Buck a recording contract, close to seven years ago, he gave him the money. The deal was that he would pay the advance with sales from upcoming music, but the artist never came through with a viable project. This amount is $50,000 less than 50 said was owed him in 2019. Buck called 50s loan allegations b#######. In 2020, after he was released from jail, the former chart-topper filed for bankruptcy. During a sit down with DJ Paul, Young Buck said, Homie claimed that I had owed him and s###, all of that b#######. I know I dont owe n#### but even me at a point of time I got to the place where I was like, you know what, I just want to get the work, f### it, Ill pay him. So I even got to a point where I even tried to pay the n####. 50, a man who never lets anything slide (just check how he is trying to squeeze $37,000 out of a proverbial turnip named Teairra Mari)clapped back. He said, I gave this fool the money man, he spent it. I paid his taxes all his legal fees. then he got caught with a tranny and said f### you 50. NO F### YOU,PUNK ASS N####. Man, I gave the n#### the money. I gave the n#### millions. As reported earlier this week, Buck is being challenged by the trustees over his Chapter 13 bankruptcy. He is screaming broke, but ASCAP said he got a big check for a little under $50,000 earlier this year and is hiding it. The trustees seem to have hit a stump, but bet you a cool Guy Brewer quarter water, 50 wont. Posted in Read more

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