2Pac & Biggie AI Cover Of 50 Cent Song Leaves Mike Tyson In Awe #50Cent

hiphopdx May 21, 2023 50 Cent 37
2Pac & Biggie AI Cover Of 50 Cent Song Leaves Mike Tyson In Awe #50Cent

2Pac and Biggie have been dead since the 1990s, but their voices have been used in AI-generated music and now, a classic 50 Cent track got this treatment.

G-Unit s heyday. But then, the conversation turned to more modern matters such as the rise of AI voice technology in the music industry. Let me tell you how ill computers is takin over. You ever heard of AI music? Yayo asked Tyson and his co-host DJ Whoo Kid. Do me a favor: play Many Men by 50 Cent, 2Pac and Biggie. After Whoo Kid queued up the song, everyone listened to the track and while it wasnt a precise replica of what Pac, B.I.G. and Fif would sound like had they collaborated on a song together, it was certainly enough to blow Mike Tysons mind. Thats fucked up, bruh, the champ told Yayo, his mouth agape, as he heard Biggie rap 50s hook and 2Pac spit his opening verse, before adding: Woah. Yo! This is crazy! This is insane. That dont even make no sense, Whoo Kid chimed in. Doesnt it sound just like him? Yayo agreed. 2Pac & Biggie AI cover of classic 50 Cent song leaves Mike Tyson in awe Baller Alert caught up with Tha Doggfather last month , and asked him about the possibility of a proposed joint album between Biggie and 2Pac using artificial intelligence. While Snoop wasnt wholly opposed to the collaboration, he made it clear he isnt into the idea of a AI-generated project featuring his late Death Row labelmate and the King of New York. I dont really know about that, with the AI, he said. Because thats kinda like computerized voices, you know? I think if they can find some old tracks with their vocals and put them together, that sounds better to me. Read more

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