21 Savage Gives Hot Take On Cheating

hotnewhiphop September 01, 2021 21 Savage 63
21 Savage Gives Hot Take On Cheating

The Atlanta rapper opened up about his relationship history on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. During a recent sit down on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, 21 Savage opened up about his thoughts on infidelity, and how women tend to react differently to cheating than men do. ...

forgiveness wasnt an option . You do something wrong, the first thing that comes to a n*ggas mind is Bitch, you was sucking d*ck! I could never look at her the same, Savage laughed. Gillie Da Kidthen responded, saying that women can be more forgiving than men when it comes to cheating. The a lot rapper offered an explanation as to why this may be, stating that men conquer women, so they receive less flack for cheating than females do. Yo girl gon look at it like, Okay, my man conquered a woman. So its like yo n*gga won in the situation. She just got hit, Savage told listeners. But vice versa, you my queen, so if a n*gga conquer you, our whole castle is vulnerable. Once a n*gga get in between yo legs, he can get anything else out of you. He can know where I live, how I move, our problems we have in the house. DJ Akademiks posted a clip of the interview to Instagram, asking followers to debate whether Savage was speaking fax or fiction. While some loyal fans rushed to the Atlanta stars side, joking that Futurewould be proud, many people are of the opinion that cheating is completely wrong, no matter whos doing it. Watch the clip above, or check out the whole interview below and let us know what you think in the comments. Read more

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