21 Savage Beefs With Chicago Goons On Clubhouse #21Savage

hiphopwired January 18, 2023 21 Savage 48
21 Savage Beefs With Chicago Goons On Clubhouse #21Savage

On Monday, Jan.16, 21 Savage got into in an intense argument on Clubhouse with Chicago goons, and Twitter thinks he incriminated himself.

CLOSE Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz Clubhouse is still a thing, and Hip-Hop superstar 21 Savage loves to spend a lot of time going back and forth on the social audio app. On Monday, Jan.16, Sir 21 got into an intense argument on Clubhouse, and it is unknown why he had time for the individuals in the room. You waited for this moment your whole life, so you could argue with a n***a on Clubhouse, 21 Savage yells in the clip below. You keep letting all these Chicago n***as boost your head up like yall n***as aint dying in real life, man. Stop playingevery n***a that we beef with, 30 of they n***as get smoked and dont nothing happen to us, he continues. In real life, n***a. Its real life! Other unknown participants can be heard shouting in the room at 21 Savage before letting off more smoke. Aye, Cap, you from Chicago. I advise you to shut the fuck up, he continues. Cause the n***as that I fuck with up there spanking shit, so stop playing. Yall aint spanking nothing, n***ayou will die. This is not the first time 21 Savage went off during his time on Clubhouse. Just recently, the rapper had to bite his tongue after he said Nas wasnt relevant right after the release of Kings Disease III. I dont feel like hes relevant, 21 said to people in the room. I dont feel like Nas is relevant. Back in August 2021, the Savage Mode rapper got into a heated exchange with Wack 100 on Clubhouse, with him calling 21 Savage a snitch and threatening to come to Atlanta to beat his a**. People Think 21 Savage Is Incriminating Himself On Clubhouse Twitter is also chiming in, and they think the rapper is snitching on himself by professing how gangster he is during his tirade and setting himself up for a RICO charge. We hope that is not the case, the Feds are always listening, and we know they have a penchant for taking the things these rappers say in their lyrics very seriously. You can see more reactions to 21 Savage going off during his Clubhouse session and possibly snitching on himself in the gallery below. Read more

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