2 Chainz Is Retiring From What He Does Best SOHH.com

sohh July 19, 2021 2 Chainz 85
2 Chainz Is Retiring From What He Does Best  SOHH.com

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz is quitting what he does best. Deuces goes online to reveal after his next album, he will no longer be doing trap music. 2 Chainz Is

July 19, 2021 2 Chainz Stuns Fans Through Tiny Desk Concert The Georgia native is trying to prove he can do more than one thing at a time. The Def Jam Recordings artist flexes his veteran performance skills through an impressive Tiny Desk showcaseback in February 2021. Fans couldnt get over 2 Chainz following his Tiny Desk performance. The must-see spectacle electrified fans and served as a clear reminder of why he always deserves major respect. Not only did the talented rapper nail every verse, but he leveled up the entertainment value by getting pampered at the same time. 2 Chainz Trolls Pepsi Over Weeknds Halftime Show Also back in February, Deuce hopped onto Instagram with a hilarious observation.Despite the halftime show being perceived as PG for viewers, Chainz acknowledged Weeknds content and played on the fact it was presented by Coca-Cola rival Pepsi. the Pepsi halftime show but every song is about coke legendary Aside from the playful trolling, Chainz also acknowledged his love for Weeknds music. Playlist for tonight 2 Chainz Loses One Of His Idols A little while before, 2 Chainz informed his Instagramfollowers that his Uncle T has passed away. Chainz said his uncle is one of his idols. Some fans pointed out that you can see some real twin vibes between the rapper and his beloved family member. Im only posting this cause people keep asking me whats wrong with me I guess my energy a lil off !! My uncle , one of my idols ( I never told him that ) , My OG passed away on me mannnnn long live UNcle T.. Read more

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